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- “Who is doing what why?” -

Engage your path

“Hearing all sides of the whole story”

The right Dialogue helps guide the way forward. It keeps each discipline on point to help flush out problem areas and spot opportunities that can help advance shared effort.


System of Stakes

Whenever people work together they generate different STAKES. Even when working on the same goal, we can still find ourselves in deep discussion and negotiation when it comes to HOW we work together. A STAKEHOLDER ECO-SYSTEM MAP can help people become more aware of what they want and what responsibilities they carry. Engaging all stakes in a visual way helps to align shared effort and cover all angles. Stakes are Multi-dimensional and need to be addressed accordingly.

Goal Alignment

When companies grow beyond one team, there is a constant challenge to keep the AIM, GOAL, milestones and Objectives Clear and Aligned. Having the ability to see and celebrate achievements and failures helps Individuals in teams, departments across the many disciplines of their organisation to improve and stay ahead of the curve. Goalsetting and alignment is a way to both articulate and connect each individual step to the living “BIG PICTURE” story of any organisation. A Goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline. Aligning many goals is therefore combining plans and deadlines to meet the shared dream.

Story Engagement

The driving story of your solution is all about HOW you are going to realise your promises. To get people to move in sync & aligned to a shared end result you need a through-line story to connect all small steps to the bigger picture. A visual strategic narrative is easy to relate to and keeps everyone aligned to work and make decisions towards the same goal. A narrative is like a litttle play that helps everyone to understand what is happening and how a shared bigger picture can help to make individual or team based decisions.

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