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Visually yours becomes PRISMATICA

After many years of inspiring service, the name “Visually yours” is retiring and the visual practices and value services that have brought me all over the globe, working with over 500 companies, are evolving into a new and broader offer. The visual services that have been provided over a span of 2 decades have always had at their core a SYSTEMIC DESIGN approach. Working with people to solve complicated situations by making them visible. What happened over the years was that the visual process of making sense and finding new paths was enhanced with better storytelling techniques, experience design, value creation design & strategic back and forecasting services. All valuable additional services that are hard to offer when your clients call you to meet their VISUAL needs.

“Visually yours” is proud to announce a new call sign for its broader services.

“PRISMATICA – A Value Engineering company”.

The visual above is a reference to that offer.
Most of my generation (X) is familiar with the PINK FLOYED album “dark side of the moon”.  On the cover a single beam of white light hits the triangular prism to reveal a rainbow of color. What you are seeing is an accelerated system of change. Once the beam hits the prism the ray of light is refracted by the glass to transform into a spectrum of multi-colored components.  The triangle is situated between the white light and the rainbow. A position that very much resembles the role of artists, designers and even facilitators/guides over the ages gone by. Professional providers (or benders of the light) who take information and spread it out to understand it and look for inspiration, clues or even future potential that lies within the range of opportunity.

When a company story hits the prism, it breaks open to reveal the multi-colored richness of effort that is needed to realize that signal. Once people can see, understand & connect to the complexity of their shared story it becomes easier for all who contributes to it to see how their “color” benefits the whole.  A new promised emerges. The promise of potential when people align their VALUE STORIES and focus them to work & grow together.

Value Engineering is a term I did not coin myself.  I adopted it to fit my own selfish needs based on a client story. When you work with a client to design the way they generate value over an extended period of time, you partner with them to ENGINEER their VALUE. Simply said my services are slowly evolving from VISUAL STORYTELLING and making CHANGE VISIBLE to VALUE DESIGN and APPLIED INNOVATION SERVICES capable of guiding people and organisations to create their value story and configure the environment in which it can thrive.

PRISMATICA, engineering value & configuring success.

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