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- “What is happening, when, where & How?” -


Making sense of a complicated situation

Making sense of your situation can be achieved by expanding the way you look at it. PRISMATICA uses a 3 layered perspectives in its sensemaking process, that will facilitate moving from exploration to a confident GRIP on complexity.


Long game

Extending your ability to look beyond the horizon ensures that your focus is not only on improvement of the present, but also on development towards the future. Once you have a grip on the long game perspective (ambition), you can start to look for the opportunities that give you the best options. From the story you find in that future space you get to choose the goals that will make those visions a reality.

The objective of putting together a ‘visual landscape’ is to spot the potential in between all moving parts and gain confidence to act. Looking across your field or industry over a longer period of time grants the insight to spot oportunity in between the landscape gaps.

Layered Value

A path to a goal becomes clearer by seeing & understanding the many layers of value that combine to realize an organisational aim. The challenge when doing this with many people is to see and formulate a path that lies in-between now and a clear destination on the way to the bigger aim.

To gain grip on the situation one needs to be able to see how all different decision nodes work together to form one coherent value chain. By mapping the eco-system of an organisation, the gap, obstacles and barriers are revealed.

Connected Steps

A ROADMAP is a 1 or 2 year plan that shows what steps to take and what milestones to reach. Creating a ROADMAP gives teams (on any layer) CLARITY & FOCUS and demands accountability for all steps taken.

Those who do not honor the past are doomed to repeat it. Roadmaps give the superpower of looking back at success and failure and adjust tactics forward to reach their year GOAL and even plan beyond. A VISUAL EXECUTIVE SUMMARY has a clear strategic goal, achievable objectives and a stong sense of shared interconnected purpose. The many steps connect to the shared story.

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